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Riley Baxter III is the son of Riley Baxter Jr. and Lula Yvonne Baxter, he is the youngest of four kids and the only boy. Born and raised in Nashville TN Riley is a musician, a writer, a music producer and publisher but most importantly an ordained minister of the gospel. As is the story of many he was raised and groomed in the church he began singing at the age of 5 and was taught harmony, pitch and tone. from there he began to play drums in elementary school and the became the drummer for several churches. While attending Whites Creek Comprehensive High School he was taught music theory and the importance of listening before speaking. He also began to play piano and shortly became Minister of Music for several churches in the greater Nashville area. He was licensed to preach in 2000 and ordained in 2006.  Riley was taught at an early age three principals that he still tries to live by, Do the best you can with what you have, Purpose is intentional, and Your gift will make room for you.

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